04 November 2007

Feng Shui Fix

I've been in need of some color in my kitchen, specifically the color red to "strengthen healthy energy for the family" for the past 2 years (we never painted over the beige walls when we moved in). So today I took a "quick" trip to the Home Depot to purchase some "glittery crimson" paint for the accent wall in my kitchen. I got a gallon of Ralph Lauren's Stadium Red in semi-gloss.

Anne Painting Red Walls
Now, I am CERTAIN that I saw a show on HGTV where the designer added some glitter type substance to flat paint to give it a subtle shimmer, and so her vanilla walls had glittery vanilla stripes after some clever taping and painting moves. But at each paint center I was unable to find what I wanted, basically silver glitter on my wall of red. I got some silver metal & patina glaze and brushed pearl iridescent finish (both Valspar) to play around with for the desired effect.

Note: The show I'm talking about is the Christmas Before Deployment| After: Comfortable Elegance segment where the "living room makeover starts with a coat of vanilla paint to create a winter-white palette. Large vertical stripes painted with a mixture of glaze and silver metallic paint add some elegant glitz to the walls."

Seeing Red
I still need to touch up paint the accent wall, and paint the rest of the walk-in pantry area (one wall turned into 2 etc). I am LOVIN' the red! The plan is to hang a cable display system made up of the cable gleaned from a heavy frame hanging kit and a couple of cool cabinet pulls. This cool display system will feature Emi's masterpieces. Stay tuned for those pics!

In other news, we ripped up some carpet while waiting for the paint to dry and found that in some of our rooms we have some nice wood floors (at least in the particular part that we lifted up, we didn't check whole rooms) and in the office, there's crappy piecework linoleum). We are planning to do bamboo flooring in the office and hopefully in the living room and master bedroom, the old floors can be refinished.

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