19 January 2007

AATW and Kirby

Tonight we saw Asleep at the Wheel at Sooner Theatre and they were great! It felt like we went back in time about 30 years in the small theatre listening to Texas swing.  They had to hurry back to Austin after the show so we will have to pick up their latest CD later. We only have A Ride with Bob  and hopefully we can catch the Ride with Bob musical...  or catch them on tour with Willie and Merle!

In other news,  we renamed "Charlie" to "Kirby" after watching him "hoovering" around the floor in the kitchen. He was sniffing around looking for any tasty tidbits we might have dropped and resembled a vacuum cleaner. "Hoover" sounded cool, but "Kirby" won out because that's the brand vacuum that we own...the name fits him well...

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