20 August 2006

Tribute to John

This morning Emi (who has had the Beatles in her life all of her life) was asking Scott about going to see the Beatles sometime. This is because we had the Concert for Bangladesh playing while we cleaned house. Scott told her that two of the Beatles were dead and she started asking about how they died. He explained that George got sick and died and that John was shot. She asked who shot him, his name and she even wanted to see a picture of him (which Scott showed her in one of his Beatles books).

He thought that after he answered her questions, that would be it, but a few minutes later she started crying. I heard her howling from the kitchen and she was so upset. He filled me in on what transpired and I told him that even though John's been dead all of these years, she's JUST finding out. I completely understand her sadness & emotion.

She kept going over to his picture on the wall saying "John, you were my favorite Beatle" with tears streaming down her face. I went around her room with her and showed her how many things of John's she had, that he had originally doodled for his son (like her rug, lamp, book ends, rhino plush animal, etc) but she was upset for a while. I got her to draw a picture for John to get out her sadness. I know that kiddos are curious about death at this age, but I was surprised to see her so upset about someone she's never met, but then again, it is a Beatle! For the record, Paul is her 2nd fave.....

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