10 February 2017

Goin' Back to Cali

Actually, I went and am back. I didn't do a whole lot this time outside of work meetings and work, but I did get out a little to enjoy some food outside of my hotel and the conference room, to see some beautiful inspirational things and to learn about Fullerton's rich history.

Cal State

Flowering Tree in Fullerton
Pretty flowering tree in Fullerton
Cool Planter
I need this planter!
I visited the Fullerton Museum and learned more about Leonidas Fender than I ever thought I wanted to... but it was all good information. My favorite exhibit was the recreation of his workshop. Love it!

Leo's Workshop

And I was able to use my green room vouchers to finally try an item on the room service menu that piqued my interest. Based on the description, I was expecting an omelette with crispy cheesy edges served with a slice or 2 of jalapeno bacon... these were in a different configuration but still yummy!

Wicked Eggs
Wicked Eggs

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