02 November 2016

Winemaker Dinner with Friends

18 months ago, Scott and I had the honor of dining with my friend Gail and her man, Nils, who is considered the "King of Cab", at the Saddleback Wine Cellars Dinner they hosted in Yukon. I was glad to partake in that lovely dinner punctuated by even lovelier wines and I had hoped they'd host a dinner in Norman sometime soon. Last night they did!

Before the Vino
Plus One
The dinner was held at Scratch Kitchen and I have never been disappointed at Scratch. Just look at the menu!

Saddleback Dinner Menu

The first course was an Arugula Salad with Beluga Lentil and Apple. I didn't eat a lot of the salad because there were two wines presented with the salad - the Black Rock Wild Cat White and a surprise white - and I was too busy talking with the other guests.

This is surprising to no one. If I had to eat with friends or co-workers at every meal, I would not have the paunch that I'm currently sporting.

The first wine was very, very good and I will have to purchase some as soon as I can. It was a surprise to me as I prefer reds.

The next course was a Black Bean Soup served with the Rancher's Red. Both were superb! Nils got up and talked about his vineyards and wines during this course.  He seemed to do this begrudgingly, I might add, because he does not like to toot his own horn. That's ok because there are a LOT of people who will toot their horns for him! I ate some of the soup and took the rest (with a little more added by the kitchen) home to Scott to enjoy. So good!

Nils talking about his wonderful wine!

The main course was served with my favorite wine of Nils', the Black Rock Petit Sirah which I first tasted 3 years ago when I met Nils. I dug into the braised short ribs and grits before snapping a picture because YUM! I immediately put this dish on the list to replicate at home, but I would serve it like Martha does in this recipe - with a squeeze of lemon and garnished with green olives and freshly grated horseradish.

Braised Short Ribs and Grits (Yum!)

Black Rock Petit Sirah #favorite
Dessert was a berry cheesecake that was ok, but I much preferred the merlot that was served with the dessert.

Saddleback Wines
Pretty wines all in a row...
It was great to see my friend Gail in our home town considering the fact that I will miss her when I visit her town in 2 weeks. ;.(

Gail, Nols and Nils @ Scratch Kitchen
Gail, Nolita and Nils

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