29 September 2016

Sweet Baby (Almost)

I went to check on the watermelon tonight and one of the vines had been severed. ;.( By an obnoxious squirrel or a kiddo, we may never know. The watermelon itself looked plenty ripe but the tendril closest to the stem was still nice and green, so I think it was too early to harvest. With the vine cut, we had no choice but to find out if it was edible at this point. Look at how HUGE it is for being a preemie!

Moon and Stars Watermelon
Sour Cream for Reference - 5 lb tub!

It was a very hefty watermelon at about 7 weeks (?). The bottom had that telltale yellow spot to indicate ripeness, right? Note: I didn't notice any "moons" on this melon... maybe that is a better indicator of ripeness.

Moon and Stars Watermelon

When I cut it open, it smelled and looked ripe. In the very center, it tasted very sweet, but towards the outside, it was not as sweet.

Moon and Stars Watermelon

I cut up 2 big containers of the sweet meat and then the hens feasted on the rest.

Moon and Stars Watermelon

We still have the other watermelon ripening on the vine.  Glad to enjoy some fruits of our "labor" and looking forward to the next one....and growing more of these next summer!

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