09 January 2016

Snow Day

After work on Friday, we went to the bookstore to get a Latte Macchiato and a half price calendar. We ended up with the World's Best Father calendar. Love it! Then we hit the grocery store so I could camp out in my pajamas all day Saturday; being domesticated.


All three kiddos had games on Saturday, but I got a reprieve from attending the games so I could take care of some projects around the house.  Using up, purging, cleaning, recycling...


Some of the things I got to today:
  • Laundered the down alternative comforter that was "Dry Clean Only" Nice try Calvin Klein!
  • Boiled 18 eggs for snacks
  • Used up the rest of the smoked salmon for fish dip for snacking.
  • Reorganized the pantry which involved:
    • Moving cook books to the dead cabinet space above the fridge, 
    • tossing redundant swiffers/mops and repairing the good one,
    • editing down the candy jar from a 2 gallon jar to half gallon jar
    • cleaning and reorganizing the other 3 jars (flour, grains and beans) 
  • Cleaned off the top of the fridge!
  • Made these cookies to use up spelt flour, walnuts and currants before they go bad. I subbed honey for maple syrup, spelt flour for kamut and currants for raisins. They were good!
  • Mopped all of the hardwood floors.
  • Consolidated tissue paper and gift bags in the basement. Yes, I am one of those people who recycles gift materials.
  • Moving empty hangers from my closet to the basement and finding items to donate in the process.


I made a serious dent in the first purge of 2016 but I still have lots more to do.

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