11 December 2015

Cookie Crawl

Aubri's troop had a Christmas cookie exchange recently.


Originally we thought we might make the same cookies as last year (Ninjabread and World Peace), but then a cookies of the world post came through my feed last night and I had to see what other options were out there....(and if their ingredients matched what I had on hand.)

I settled on the Tehina Shortbread Cookies (because, tehina or tahini, whatever you call it - YUM!) and the Serinakker (a Norwegian holiday cookie).


so wanted to make the Filipino Polvoron, but I did not have any Ovaltine in the house. Next time! Also, Maltese Lemon Christmas Cookies. I had all of the ingredients for that cookie, but the lemons were earmarked for Meyer Lemon Simple Syrup and Key Lime Simple Syrup to use in making holiday mocktails at our office Christmas party.


The holidays are in full swing and we are barely hanging in there with 3 kids in basketball, etc. I may need to change that mocktail into a cocktail...

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