07 November 2015


I just got back from a week in California and the weather here is just like there - gorgeous! Hard to think about Christmas when it's sunny and warm out but once we get past our first Thanksgiving meal this weekend, we might be ready to put up the tree. I did purchase a Christmas ornament while I was away though.

Not really Christmasy but fits in with the eclectic collection of ornaments we already have...
So back to the topic; these are some things I want to make in the very near future.
This double wreath is very cute.
I think I might have all of the things for this in the basement...
I might make this one and a rosemary peace wreathe for the season. I recently read that whiffing rosemary reduces cortisol and helps make you feel sunny and serene in seconds. I also found a recipe for Rosemary-Garlic Biscuits in that magazine and I just happen to have fresh Rosemary in the back yard.

Here are some delicious sounding recipes that have collected into my queue:

Polla All Diavola
Mexican Tortilla Casserole
Black Rice Pudding
Vanilla Cashew Butter
Cake Batter Chai Pudding
Miso Sweet Potato and Broccoli Bowl
Stirred Lemon Ice Cream with Fresh Cherries
French Onion Soup (My default recipe is from when I worked at an ice cream store with deli while in high school, but Smitten Kitchen's recipe looks to be an upgrade from mine.)

Random, I know, but that's how I roll...

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  1. Hi, Nolita! Glad you got back in time to enjoy what's left of Autumn here. It's been such a beautiful season so far! Cute wreath and eclectic ornament. :) I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is upon us, let alone Christmas. Wishing you & your family and "Happy & Merry" early! Take care.


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