04 April 2015

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

..and also when PLANTS come together!

It's no secret that my batting average with plants is about 0.500, but I am enthusiastic about what I plant or pull up in my yard.

We have much coming back to life in our yards these days: daffodils, forsythia and quince, bananas, peonies, lilies of all kinds, spearmint and lemon balm. Some plants that I planted last year that "didn't make it" are making it now (hollyhock, berries). And the tulips!

Back at the end of January, we took a chance and planted some very cheap tulip bulbs (~$14.00 for 118 bulbs) that we got on deep discount at Walmart. Most of them went into this design. I added mulch and some stones to give more definition to the bed. Now there are at least 80 plants with blooms!

Peace Tulips

I wasn't sure what to expect with our very late start with this project, but I am very pleased.


More on other yardening projects later...

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