02 June 2014

In Concert

Lately, life has been abundant with opportunities for time spent with family, outdoors, eating good food and taking in live music.

The Giving Tree Band played at the first Summer Breeze concert of the season and they were really great. Reminded me of being at Winfield.

Helping Out

Aubri learned another life lesson the hard way at this concert. It’s probably hard to imagine that such a cute little dog would nip or scratch when our little Gracie is quite patient with the kiddos, but after years of trying to drive the point home, a concert-goer's dog freaked out when Aubri tried to love on it and scratched her face.

She was fine after she shed a few tears but I think the dog owners were a bit shaken up.

Post Dog Attack
Her brush with death didn't seem to hinder her appetite.

And this past Saturday night we went to a way cool wedding where again we were treated to live music.

Sidenote: All of the little ones that were players (or understudies) in our wedding have gotten married over the past 6 months! Our ring bearer got married in December, our flower girl got married in March and our backup flower girl got married this past weekend. It’s enough to make one feel old if one were not so dang busy living life…

So back to Saturday night. This wedding was outdoors on Waldo’s Pond and the reception was in the Red Barn East of the pond. What a cool wedding it was! You can see some of the pictures I captured here. Being outside was cool and planting a unity fruit tree was also very cool. So many cool nuances with this wedding.

Very Cool Arbor
Love the arbor!
Unity Fruit Tree
 Unity Fruit Tree
After the wedding, there were games and drinks and Big Truck Tacos was on site with an assortment of vegetarian tacos. Scott’s aunt had her Lemonade truck onsite too for fresh squeezed lemonade.

Very Yummy Vegetarian Tacos
Yummers! I can attest...
Sunday afternoon was a warm one when we biked to the museum lawn for the SNMONH Block Party. Luckily they were giving away free water.  We threw down a blanket and while we had our appetites set for more Big Truck Tacos initially,  the Taste of Soul Chicken and Waffle food truck showed up and we all opted to get Wafflewiches.

Enjoying our Chicken & Waffles from Taste of Soul
Enjoying our Wafflewiches
My sister-in-law and nephews showed up midway through the concert and were kind enough to shuttle the kids through the museum (which was free for the day) while Scott and I enjoyed more live music and fresh air.

Travis Linville was first up, then The Tequila Songbird Swap followed by Hosty. We left halfway through Hosty’s set as Scott’s neck was getting a little red by that time.

After the warm bike ride home, we cooled off for a bit in the pool, then we packed up some snacks and drinks and headed to the park for some more live music at the 2nd Summer Breeze concert of the season. Salsa Shakers was playing and we had home made guacamole for the occasion.

Hula Girl
Aubri found herself a hula hoop at the concert
Emi said the group behind us was trying to photobomb with their scrappy dog so she chopped Daddy's head off....

Summer Breeze - Salsa Shakers

We sat on the opposite side than we normally sit (as in church we seem to have our own set "pews" for these outdoor concerts too) but despite that, our friends were able to find us (and they brought cookies!). Plus I ran into some other friends I hadn't seen in person in a very long time.  Guess we need to mix it up a little more often, huh?


  1. What a full weekend! I keep forgetting about Summer Breeze... we need to go. Last year Alice was a little young to go, but I think she'd have a good time now. Plus now's the time to go before the summer turns scorching hot!

    1. You mean like RIGHT NOW, Melissa? ;.) I bet Alice would love the time outside listening to music. And the park is smoke-free. We have Jazz in June coming up also so there are lots of opportunities to partake. My mom will be here for my nephew's graduation so we might force her to partake in some live music too during her visit. For the first time in so many family celebrations, we won't be roasting a pig. We will have lumpia though! Hope you and the family are taking care and enjoying the summer.


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