19 March 2014

Luck of the Irish?

Or maybe it was just some sugar cookies made with love into festive St. Patrick's Day treats?

I watched a quick video on decorating cookies for St. Patty's and then we made do with what we had. See how engrossed my children were?

St. Patrick's Day Cookies
Blending the Icing

St. Patrick's Day Cookies
Getting Creative with the Icing

St. Patrick's Day Cookies
Lost in Concentration

I think I would have had better luck with 15-second or 30-second icing, but I didn't and I still haven't googled what those are because I don't care. Mine looked cool for the short length of time it took to admire then devour them.

Mommy's Shamrock
My Loose Interpretation of a Shamrock
And without any help from Pinterest or the internet at all, I found some extra wine corks I'd saved from gatherings and my visit to Napa and was able to make that red rose horseshoe! Love it when a plan comes together!

Rose Cork Horseshoe

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