22 September 2013


Oh what a lovely weekend it was!

Friday couldn't get here quick enough and we decided to use David's Papa Murphy coupon for some free cookie dough and we also took away some pizza too...

Black Rock and Papa Murphy
Cowboy Pizza....yum!

After dinner we got busy working on David's birthday party pinata. It's a little amorphous right now but it will shape up soon enough (we hope).

Making the Birthday Pinata
Don't Ask!
And we now have a 6 year old in the house! He specifically asked for a Monster Truck and so he received a Monster Truck.

Monster Truck

David had a soccer game and Emi had a basketball tournament so the family was split apart on Saturday. ;.( David was a maniac on the field scoring every goal (with assistance from the other team on one) leading his team to tie with their opponents. He is fierce! (and a bit smug about it too....so we need to work on that)

Taking a Selvesie
Straightaway after the game we headed out to my my parents' place for their annual lake party. The kids had a good time collecting rose rocks and making a new friend.

Collecting Rose Rocks

Bailey, David and Aubri (Lake Party Buds)

Happy Happy Happy!

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