23 June 2013


We took a long weekend to the cabin again and this time it was a little more relaxing because we didn't take our kids.


We had a couple of projects to take care of, but most of the time was spent getting away from it all.


Except for the critters....we always had some sort of wildlife company.



But we were brave and tackled the garden. We transferred some mint, wild bergamot, bee balm and an unidentified plant from my flower bed into my friend's flower bed. We also planted a Passion Flower vine. I hope most - if not all - of the plants survive and thrive because they were the lowest maintenance plants in my yard. And this poor bed needs some lovely plants to welcome friends and family.


We went to Blue Hole again and watched the kids swim, watched the perch and listened to the stream.


Back at the cabin we were hardly ever without food or drink.

Two Buck Chuck paired with Brauschweiger and Crackers

Yummy Catfish

Country Breakfast (Delish!)

Gracie flirted with Chunk but didn't get too obnoxious this time (she's pretty shameless when it comes to cute boys)

We got to practice shooting the guns again. Can you see the target there in the distance?

Target Practice
Here it is up close.


Cool Target

Scott was shooting at a different target and I wish I'd gotten a picture of it before it exploded.  It was a small explosion and I was worried that he hit something he shouldn't have... but it was a joke the kids and their dad played on him.

Not Much Left

Just like last time I was eaten alive by the pesky ants/mosquitoes/spiders/chiggers/gnats/etc even though I took precautions, but I still look forward to the next time.

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