01 June 2013

Night and Day

When we first moved in several years ago, I was just happy to have a place to stow our dirty laundry and washing machine/dryer out of the way, but with each passing year, I am MORE thankful for our bomb shelter, aka basement.

Last night we were threatened again with severe weather in the area so we spent 2 hours down there.

Mammatus (Breast) Clouds

And after seeing the devastation recently from the tornadoes to the North, we've taken some extra measures lately with the kids.

In the basement
Playing on Mom's Side of the Basement

Now I am grateful for this wonderful safe place where my family can hang out comfortably until the dangerous storms pass.

In the basement
Playing on Dad's Side of the Basement

At around 4am another storm blew through and dumped a bunch of rain on us so this morning I found this in half of the basement.

Flooded Basement
So glassy and smooth...

I think the capture looks cool, sort of glassy and heavenly but I was not thinking heavenly thoughts when I was vacuuming up all of that water.

The water seeps in from the window wells if we get a sudden downpour and the ground is too saturated. Luckily this only happens on Scott's side of the basement and also luckily we store the carpet shampooer down there and can make quick work of the drying out. Plus we invested in a dehumidifier when we moved in just in case....that works well to dry out the basement AND is nice when we shampoo carpets to get them dry again quickly.

Today I took care of a project I'd wanted to get done before another flood happens - get stuff off the floor onto a movable shelf. Check.

Drier Basement

Now I just need to get a few more loads of laundry done and put away....

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  1. Nolita, you exemplify the saying, "Better safe than sorry." Your kids look happy, relaxed, and SAFE. I can't imagine how it felt to ride out those tornadoes... well, yes I can. (But our storm shelter definitely needs some refurbishing, ha!) Sorry to hear about your water in the basement (cool photo!) but that's handled now and the main thing is you & your family are ok. Thank heavens.


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