21 January 2013

Rough vs. Ruff

Today I had a list of things to do but I had to scrap that because some of the Morgans are ailing. Scott has what I think is the flu (day 2) and David is a poor congested, runny nosed (how is that even possible?) little boy.  Aubri seems to be over her respiratory issues (but still has a nagging cough) and Emi is back to hale - recovered from her bronchitis. And this little pooch....she seems to be getting by taking her naps in the sun. Oh to be able to trade spots with her just for an afternoon...

Emi had another basketball tourney this past weekend and with Scott feeling under the weather, yesterday it was just me and her. It gave us an opportunity to talk girl talk. And I think I've scarred her for life talking about how boys act in middle school. (Just wait until high school, baby girl!) I'm sure the behavior I described has already been happening in elementary school, but just in case, I wanted her to be prepared.

I also had time to talk to her about how God plans things to prepare us for the next thing in our lives. I reminisced about how I was almost finished with school, when I lost my job and had to move in with my sister. I lost my hard fought independence and was forced to deliver pizzas again to get by until my first post-college job. It was a very humbling experience but it was necessary so I could focus on the real reason for such an arrangement...so I could be paired up with my soul mate.

I probably wouldn't have planned for something so humbling, but I am not The One in Control. ;.)

Hope you and yours are keeping healthy and hale this winter...


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