12 February 2012

Winter Wonderland?

I missed my family while I was away on business this past week! So much so that I had Scott bring the kiddos to the airport to pick me up late Thursday night. They were all in their footed PJs and I couldn't stopping reaching back to touch them on the ride back home. (I wish I'd gotten a picture of them!)

It's been cold and gloomy since I've been back (it was around 77 degrees in California when I left) but I am still happy to be home with the family. I'd be cool with a Snow Day tomorrow though...

Captain Morgan

Friday was a hard day to get through. I was dead tired when I headed in to work but I had a few reports and other business to attend to so I had some coffee for the first time in a few days. The only coffee I had in California (this coffee hiatus was so NOT planned) was a sugary sweet coffee caramel drink from the Fresh & Easy. It was not good. So Friday I only needed a little coffee buzz to get my work day done.

After work I took Kirby in to the vet because he'd been drinking a lot of water the week before I left and was asking to go outside more often. Thursday night his eyes pleaded with me to help him. He also felt thinner to me and he wasn't barking or wagging his tail.  I went to a new vet because in the past, other vets have taken the long way in determining ($$$) what was wrong with my pets and I'd heard that this vet shot straight. I found this to be true....he didn't mess around and he didn't charge me an arm and a leg. The first blood test was to rule out diabetes. Thankfully my boy does not have diabetes. He does have Ehrlichiosis though.

A tick disease is not something I'd even considered and I was surprised at the diagnosis. I've never seen ticks on our dogs (I have seen fleas on occasion.) and we keep up with their tick/flea treatment... Once we get Kirbs healthy again, we'll get him and Abbey in for the dental carnage. Cavis have the worse teeth!

Kirby has been more active and wagging his tail and loitering around in the kitchen for baby carrots this past weekend and I am happy he's going to be around for a little while longer. I was actually in tears when I saw him Thursday night. I love my Kirbs and it breaks my heart to think about him in pain...or gone.

Saturday was got out in the icy wind to go to Emi's basketball game and then we hung out at home and watched Pride and Prejudice while Ketiesha gave Emi a new do. (We are soooooo thankful for Ketiesha!).  There was laundry and ironing (just some Girl Scout patches on Emi's vest) and cleaning of course. But nothing major. It was nice to just be home.

Right now I'm getting ready for the new season of The Walking Dead (last night we caught a few reruns from the first season) and wondering if we really might get some snow tonight....hope so!

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday evening and that you have a great week! Here's to a snow day!

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  1. Nolita, I love how you weave song titles and lyrics in and out of your posts -- I start humming along every time!

    Also, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's passing -- that was a lovely tribute you wrote.

    Sounds like you got home from your trip in time for more cold here -- hope you're cozy and warm! I enjoyed your travel write-ups -- welcome back!


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