24 February 2012


*Thank God I'm Filipino ;.) oh, and it's Friday!
Birthday Flowers from Emi
Emi got me some flowers for my birthday...sweet girl...

I took off work early today to have lunch with my #1 daughter, Emi Lou. We went to T.E.A. Cafe on the East side (because it's so much more quaint than the campus corner location and we've been going there since they opened up in 2005). Then we went shopping for some good deals (and Easter clothes). This is not Aubri's Easter dress but we couldn't resist getting her and Carly these matching dresses.

Aubri & Carly in Matching Dresses
If I could only find this is MY size...
We managed to get David, Aubri and Emi their Easter clothes but we still need to get shoes and a few items for Emi's dress (to make it hers).  We spent way too much time at TJMaxx, but luckily, not way too much money...

Later we hit The Garage for burgers and fries. This place has been on the list to try out for the past few months as many of my friends have raved about their burgers. The kids were introduced to Ski Ball while I eased into the weekend with a Modelo Especial. The burgers were really good but I really loved the sweet potato fries with the garlic aioli and sriracha aoili.

Ski Ball @ The Garage
Kids in Action

Cellphone Booth

After dinner we tore into a Chocolate Divine cake that truly lived up to its name....

Birthday Cake
Chocolate Divine (courtesy of La Baguette)

Twas a nice start to the weekend....


  1. Happy belated Birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful day. :-)

  2. what gorgeous hair those kiddies have!! jealous :)
    that cake looks amazing. i am such a chocoholic and totally appreciate such a treat! happy monday!

  3. Happy Birthday as we head into the NEXT Friday... Looks like you had a splendid time with the ones you love and who LOVE YOU! It shows. :)


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