22 December 2011

Not Faffing Around

Today is supposed to be the shortest day of the year. I sure hope so because it sure has been the longest week. Yesterday felt distinctly like Friday to me, probably because I've shoved a weeks worth of work into 3 days. I've been sorting through 14 years of office accumulation, transitioning stuff to those I'll leave behind, purging stuff no longer needed by anyone and involuntarily taking trips down Memory Lane. Very. Cathartic. Indeed. And oddly enough, planned well before I decided to leave.

Let's see - what else?
  • I am almost done with Christmas shopping. Luckily for me, I have 2 elves who are grabbing up the last few gifts to be gotten. (Thank you, Scott & Emi!)
  • My mean baby sister forced me to test my blood sugar last night after dinner (and some wine) at her house. She stuck me in 3 different fingers with 4 different settings before getting a good amount of blood to do the test. Guess what? It didn't hurt! And my blood sugar is just fine.
  • My mom's in town for a visit and I'm cooking her birthday dinner tomorrow night - lasagna! 

Hope this Friday Eve catches you ahead of the holiday rush!

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