10 December 2011

Morgan Adventure - Day 10

David and I woke up early and we woke the rest of the family up to watch the Impossible Eclipse. It was foggy and hazy so from our hotel room it looked like clouds descending on the moon.

Watching the Eclipse
David watching the eclipse from our room

After the excitement of the eclipse we joined friends and family for breakfast downstairs.

Nols and Jurie Preeze
Nolita & Jurie

Later we headed to Inola for the Carter Christmas reunion lunch.

The twins back there were David's age when I started attending this event..they are 20 now!

We had another Christmas fail with the grandkids' gifts (in that there were forgotten) so Scott's very cool cousin bailed us out with a gift bag of goodies for our batch of kids to share. Various colored duct tape, pens, pencils and scissors. I have been wanting to get my hands on some cool duct tape for a while...thank you Missy!!


Gathering in a HUGE circle to say grace before the meal...

After lunch we went back to the hotel to enjoy more of the Simmons Christmas.

Long Hallway at Hotel
Me and My Beautiful Girl at the hotel

Kidlets Swimming
Swimming in the Hot Tub

Luggage Cart Ride
Luggage Cart Ride with Grandaddyo

Reindeer Game
Playing a Reindeer Game

Santa's Here!

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