11 December 2011

Get Your Kicks on Route 66 (aka Morgan Adventure - Day 11)

Today I wasn't sure what we had set up for our Advent activity because we were out of town all weekend attending family Christmas gatherings. Luckily we found an activity to do on our way back home. We were in Broken Arrow staying right next to Bass Pro and we probably should have taken advantage of the free Santa Bandz and holiday crafts, but we were ready to get on our way home.

On the way back we decided to take a drive down Route 66 to Arcadia and hit Pops for lunch. We drove past some lovely, lovely countryside and it really made me miss living out in the country. We drove past the Arcadia Round Barn.

Arcadia Round Barn
Looks like they are restoring it again...

Crashed out
My babies couldn't stay awake forever (but oh they tried)

Wake up, kids! We're at Pop's!

My OKC Burger
My OKC Burger and Coffee Shake

Pop's Counter
Pop's Counter
Emi begged us to get some soda so we ended up getting bacon soda and coffee soda....we haven't tried them yet...that may be a future post.

The weekend was a good one as far as big family gatherings and short road trips go but I am happy to be home with my own little family.


  1. We drove by Pops last week...both mine & Matts 1st time to ever see it. We still haven't actually eaten there, but maybe we will someday.

    That pic of your sleeping kiddos is toooo cute!

  2. The photo of your "collapsed" kids is classic! What a fun trip.

  3. wow what fantastic pictures! Love the barn and the cool metal looking coke bottle. The babies sleeping is priceless!

    Love the new layout. :-)

    Sounds like Emi has lots of good ideas. I'm glad your trip turned out nice. I'm going to have to see if there is a pop's on the trip to Poteau or back home. We might have to find another way to go.

    Have a great day!


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