26 December 2011

Christmas 2011

Whoa! Christmas hit us with a vengeance.  I need some time to recuperate. I know, WAAAH! But someone gave me something that wasn't on my list, A Christmas Cold!!!

Even though I wasn't particularly good, Santa brought me a lot of stuff this year. And my kids were overloaded with stuff too and it's not over! Oy! I have already filled up a few bags with toys to donate and had to put many of the new items down in the basement to bring out here and there once things are not so overwhelming for them. (for me).

To recap the events thusfar, we went to bed way late Christmas Eve because we were having too much fun at my parents.

We had the Ugly Sweater Contest and Scott and my nephew Vincent tied for first.

Ugly Sweaters
A fly went by (apparently)

Tracking Santa on NORAD
Checking to see where Santa is on NORAD before hitting the sack.

Setting Snacks Out for Santa
Leaving snacks out for Santa & the reindeer.

I forgot that Santa was bringing bikes that night so when we finished watching the season finale of AHS (okee) I thought we just had to set out the toys, fill the stockings and get to bed. I was already nestled all snug in my bed and Scott put together the bikes while I filled the stockings and put out the rest of the stuff. I think it was around 1:30am when I went to bed (after posting about JF singing with Kermit) and Emi came trundling into our room around 3:30am to let us know that Santa had come. (!!!) This from the kid who found out all about Santa a few weeks ago...I think she was still sore about the whole truth. She came back in around 5:30am and we warned her not to darken our doorway again until 7am.

So the circus started for us at 7am with no REM sleep (and very little of the other kind).

New Bikes and BB Gun
Just Getting Started

After breakfast, we picked up the kids' lola and headed to Tahlequah for the Morgan Christmas gathering.

Cowboy Up
Somebody else got a gun...

Mila and MeMa
Opening the Stockings

So today my brother, sister and mom are here at my house. We ate the other lasagna and some pasta primavera for dinner. Most of the bunch is playing Munchkin again and my brother and I are ailing with our Christmas Colds. ;.(

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