11 November 2011

Reading Out Loud, Taking Stock & Do-Overs

Normally we read to the Little Ones before bed from a mix of books they have and some we've borrowed from the library. Currently we're reading a mix of The Sneetches (I think this is the only Dr. Suess book we don't own and it's a good one too!), Rainbow Fish, and The Giving Tree (Shel Silverstein). I can't get through The Giving Tree with dry eyes. I have conflicted feelings about the story and about how the "boy" treats the tree. Is it a beautiful story about a selfless mom giving everything for her child or does the "boy" actually need some tough love?  I actually feel sorry for the boy and the tree and by the time I get to say "The End" I can barely speak. This batch of book goes back to the library ASAP!

After the Little Ones go to sleep, I've been reading a book to Emi and it's been a challenge (reading out loud for that long sometimes stinks out loud for me but it's good practice). Currently we are reading a sci-fi classic, Madeleine L'engle's A Wrinkle In Time and we are both enjoying it. It's been on our list to read for a while and we are shoehorning in that time now. So much about the main character (Meg Murry) relates to Emi even though Meg is a bit older. I can see the wheels turning in Emi's eyes when I read to her. Especially the part about how the house shook on that stormy night.

I bought this book for Emi a while back (before the Little Ones) and am happy that we are getting to read it now. It fits in with the vibe we have going on which is "taking stock" of our possessions and getting rid of what we don't/can't/won't use and appreciate the items that we do have. We've been taking stock in many of the rooms and it's a slow process but it's resulted in finding many hidden treasures, shifted purposes and upcycling. I am looking forward to finding more goodies for us or to share with others along the way.

Speaking of, yesterday I took 6 bags to Salvation Army to donate and then I procured 3 pairs of pants, some SpongeBob PJ bottoms, and a The Annoying Thing red vest (had never heard of this before but it sorta fits) for David; and a pair of Keen-ish sandals for Aubri - all for $10.24!

Lately I've been very aware of how having children in my life is forcing me to grow and also allowing me to have do-overs (do-finallys in some cases). Sometimes it's in reading a long forgotten story together (Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing) or stories I'd never read before (Sneetches and A Wrinkle In Time) or hearing the curious questions from David about how I cooked the fish last night.

Never a dull moment around here...

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  1. I fell in love with a book Blake and I read when he was in 4th grade. He did a book report on it. It was called Frindel. Great little book.

    I miss reading with him. Enjoy the time with them. It really does go by in a flash! I wish I would have continued to read with him as he got older. Oh well, I 'm glad to see you are smart enough to do that with your oldest.

    Have a wonderful weekend!



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