26 November 2011

Giving Thanks

For our first Thanksgiving gathering, we headed Northeast to Tahlequah for dinner with Scott's grandparents.
Sugared Pumpkins
Sugared Pumpkins
I finished the sugared pumpkins but decided against bringing them for table decor because I didn't want my name cursed every time they had to vaccuum up glitter again.
It was a very relaxing time (except for when I had to remind David to follow the rules over and over). So thankful to be able to spend time with them. I didn't snap a lot of pictures but much of the time looked like this:

5 Minutes Later
Crashed Out

Basketball after Lunc
I got a short nap and then some fresh air...

Getting Some Air
Speaking of air...

Friday morning Aubri woke up looking like she'd been slapped across her face. Actually she looked like she'd had an allergic reaction to her superhero mask. I took her and David to be checked for strep and bingo! (ugh!)  Aubri had it and the doctor predicted that David would have it in a day or so. Hate that they are on antibiotics again, but strep is not something to mess around with...

So, while she wasn't feeling bad and didn't quite understand it, we had to keep her away from the other kids when Emi's birth mom and sisters and cousins visited yesterday.

Aubri and Mommy
Eating lasagna in Mommy's room...poor girl...

Cookie and Emi
Beautiful Cookie and Emi


Round #2 starts later on today...

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  1. Is everyone feeling better? I hope no one else came down with strep. What a sweet picture of your baby sleeping. She is so big!

    Did you feel the earthquake this time?



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