05 August 2011

Looking Forward

This morning after we had a good laugh about Ozzie, I continued watering my plants and when I watered my Butterfly Ginger roots I noticed some green shoots coming up!!! (yay!) Of the 6 or 8 bare roots that I brought back from Florida, only 1 had actual leaves on it and it's not very tall. The ones I planted in the bed with the bananas may well have died in this heat, but I am hoping not. I gave one to a co-worker and I hope that it makes it because it's such a wonderful plant to share! (My forsythia and vitex cuttings looked dried out - I hope it's a different story down there in the root area.) Also, my gardenia - that fried in its pot when we were on vacation - is coming back! I pruned it down to the soil a couple of weeks ago and this week I'm seeing some green down there! Way to go, favorite flower!

Earlier this week when I got a tip from Peaceful Daily on the best plants to have indoors I asked some co-workers about these plants (of the 4 Iisted I only have the English Ivy and it's not indoors). Well, one of my co-workers was kind enough to bring me a cutting from her Hoya Carnosa (aka Wax Plant, Porcelain Plant)! I read that the Wax Plant blooms smell like chocolate! Of the 5 plants that I have in my cube, 3 are from cuttings from friends. And the Passion Flowers that we've passed around the office and yards started with some cuttings that my friend and I got from her aunt years ago in Plano, TX. Those have come a long way.

Another friend brought in some Cosmos sulphureus (Orange Cosmo) seeds for me from her plants at home. She received some of these seeds from her daughter in law back East some time back and said that she plants the seeds twice a year and gets orange blooms in the spring and fall.  I love plants with a history the most! I am looking forward to what the future brings our yardens.

At lunch today I ran by the new Natural Grocers to pick up a recommended shampoo for Emi and I was pleasantly surprised to see my old cashier from my default grocery store ringing up groceries in this shiny new store (which, btw, doesn't have a Beer Cave like my default store does). Anyway, I bee lined to the hair products and ended up getting a few products for my kids. I forced myself to break away from the personal care area and the vast array of coconutty products in an effort to get some artichokes, salad, watermelon, yogurt and apples and check out the rest of the goods quickly. The store is bigger than I remembered Ace Hardware being so my quick 5 minute trip turned into a few more. Side note: I had pounded down a lot of water beforehand and I am happy to report that their bathrooms are very clean!
I grabbed a chicken curry naanwich to take back to work and my tastebuds were pleased when I finally sank my teeth into this sandwich. (yum!) I will have to replicate this dish at home! For dessert I had a Pina Colada (drinkable yogurt) and was very pleased with that too. Perfect size for my kiddos' lunch bags (and mine). 

I am looking forward to the routine of school and the cooler temps that will no doubt come with the new school year...I am also looking forward to the weekend with family and friends and the pool and some swirls... I hope you are keeping cool and discovering happiness in big and small ways as well!

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