09 August 2011

In My Yard

Obvious Ozzie
We once called "her" "Happy Feet". He now goes by "Ozzie"...it's so obvious NOW but it really wasn't before...

My Butterfly Ginger is coming up...

Another view of the emerging plant

The moon looked strange around 8:30

And the skies looked ready to rain down on us...
We got that rain around 10 pm, big fat raindrops for about 17 seconds (just enough time for me to update my FaceBook status!) followed by lots of loud thunder and flashes of lightning. It was music to my ears. I fell asleep listening to the "symphony" and then I woke up a short while later to the gentle rain. I was tired but I made myself get up to see if it really was raining. Beautiful! Thank you God for the much needed rain!

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