31 May 2011

Memorial Recap

First things first:the turtle came back and he was curious about the chickens. He tried to get into their run...Grass is greener?

Nothing Here But Us Chickens

Emi and I were able to hit up a few of the local garage sales and snagged a few good deals:
  • We got David a metal toolbox for $2. He's informed me that he wants to paint it blue! That's my boy! We want to pick up real tools for him to add to his toolbox over the years...no more stinkin' plastic tools!

  • I got a baby aqua trench coat for $1! The trench coat matches a cool dress I got from Athleta a few years ago... don'tcha think? Not a clear or good picture, but you get the idea. Now I just need some cute shoes...

  • Emi bought a mini Christmas tree (the perfect size for our unmatched earring project) for 25 cents!

  • And I got a replacement picnic blanket for $1. (I left my cool maroon/star zip up blanket at the soccer fields a couple of seasons ago) (no picture yet as I've already washed it and thrown it in the back of the Disco)
I updated (finally!) my high school alumni website with a few items that were pending. And I also back posted some blog entries from 2005-2007 that were stored in the confines of my CoffeeCup blogging software. Along those lines I found some old lake party pictures and ski trip photos (Keystone 2007) that were embedded into web pages on my site and posted them to my flickr. Lots of sorting and publishing but I wanted to do that for completeness.

We opened up the pool this weekend and hosted a Memorial Day gathering for family and friends. It was a nice, relaxing day full of swimming and cheese balls!


Aubrey and Cheddar

Sleeping David

Almost Ready

Breezy Above Water

The Juggler


Also, Too Cute

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