13 October 2010

So Where Was I...

...when the EARTHQUAKE hit?

Yipes! I was at my first physical therapy appt...actually lying there on the table while the therapist was massaging my back! The 2 story building shook for about 30 seconds and I thought it was just some helicopters flying by on the way to the airport. I imagine it would be just like the beginning of a Stephen King story.... Soon after the quake some of the therapists came back in to the building saying the tremor was felt as far away as Dallas and Clinton and was definitely a quake, not an explosion.

While the therapist was still working on me on the table I watched the news and learned that you can't really feel the quake unless it's over 3 on the Richter scale. The preliminary magnitude of this quake was a 4.3, then upgraded to 4.5 and the last I heard it was upgraded to 5.1! Maybe not a big deal if we were in California, but here in Oklahoma (aside from Jones, OK) we are not used to quakes.

My Little Ones were fine although they thought someone ran their car into the house. Scott was fine but was walking around campus so he didn't feel the quake. Emi was in the Gifted class in the portable classroom and reported that a lot of the soda bottles they were using to experiment with pH fell down as the building shook....

What a trip!

Later someone posted on FaceBook something about aftershocks sometimes being more intense than the original quake...almost 12 hours later and no tremors...

My lower back was in heaven for a bit when the electrodes were emitting heat and pulsating my tight muscles. Then there was the exquisite pain as the therapist was "picking" or "digging" at my back muscles. I explained to both therapists who tagged teamed me that my butt felt like someone frogged me in the cheeks and in my house, I can't be sure that that didn't happen. So they did their magic and showed me some really good exercises to help me heal up my tweaked lower back.

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