03 August 2010

The Little Ones

Last night was the first night without big sister and it was rather quiet around the house. David and Aubri played nicely in the sun room while I put together dinner after work. Then after dinner we listened to Wee Sing & Learn Opposites and looked at the accompanying book. I was snuggling with David when he hugged my neck and said "I love you, mom" in his sweet raspy little voice. It's not the first time he has told me he loves me, but it was genuine and out of the blue and I'll take it! We snuggled more while we looked through the "opposites" book and came across the Happy/Sad frog combo, David seemed concerned about the frogs, specifically Freda Frog because she was sad (note the "daddy" frog was happy). We continued to go through the rest of the pages, but David always wanted to go back to the frogs after every page. Freda had a boo-boo on her knee and while Aubri kissed the page to make the "mama frog" feel better, David was really concerned because he didn't want the "mama frog" to be sad anymore. We talked about why the frog and fish were sad and thought maybe it was the skinned knee and hunger pains so we talked about bringing them some bread. I asked David if HE was sad and he said no, he was happy....and I believe it! David is very sensitive not only about his own feelings, but for other's feelings and that is so sweet.

Earlier, before we dropped big sis off to go to camp, he kept telling the camp volunteers and my co-workers that he was going to get on his bike and get Emi from camp...he didn't want her to go. Later when I said I missed Emi, David looked so concerned at me and said "Don't miss Emi, let's go get her". He's like cinnamon, so sweet..

Before we read about Opposites Aubri asked me to play "Baby" (she has Bieber Fever). David had been running around singing the Ludacris part  of the song (When I was 13 I had my first love...). We played the song and Aubri wanted me to hold her while dancing. Sweet baby girl...

So, while I am trying to soak up this time together with just the Little Ones, part of me is trying to speed up time because 1) we forgot to set out our completely full trash dumpsters last Wed (the flies! OMG the flies!) so trash is piled up all over until tomorrow morning;  2) the Disco is in the shop again after dying on me on Main Street on Sunday and 3) I am MISSING my sweet big girl Emi!

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