16 June 2010

Are You Here?

Life has been very full in our house lately. Lots of shifting around, playing, eating, sleeping, crying, visiting, conferencing, cleaning, sorting, praying, loving, bonding, eye rolling, bershon (yes, already!) and adjusting. We use the terms "family" and "home" a lot and I think that the new family understands the meaning now. We feel really blessed to have David and Aubri join us in this thing called "life" and we feel even more blessed by the outpouring of support by friends, family and even total strangers. The soccer moms had a shower for the new kiddos almost 2 weeks ago and Scott's work showered us with gifts a couple of weeks before that. And our kids inherited a lot of good stuff....many more items than I even imagined we'd need when we first heard about them a few months ago. Both have toddler beds and are sleeping in their own space (along with their big sister!) and they both have lots of toys and books, etc.

I have loved seeing the progress in the relationship between Emi and her new brother and sister. I mean she prayed SPECIFICALLY for a brother AND a sister, and not infants, she wanted sturdy toddlers to wrestle with and teach to sing and play. She got what she wanted, and we've all been blessed by her answered prayers. We'll try to remind her of this when she starts complaining about the Little Ones getting into her stuff! ;.)

I love to hear David with his raspy voice asking PeePaw "Are you here?" (because he can't believe his eyes that his grandpa is actually here!) and stopping to tell Daddy "I'm happy!" or "I love you!" or to Emi "I need a hug!" One time I put on a headband and when David saw me he said "Mama pretty!" ...was so sweet and I never wanted to take that headband off! And Aubri mostly sounds like a little gremlin with her one year old talk but she has a ton of new words that she uses (along with the sign)...and yes we have gotten her to say "Mogwai"

Favorite video is Jana Alayra
Favorite snack: Apple with Peanut Butter
Favorite activity: anything outside, swimming, swinging, riding bikes, running around

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