21 January 2010

On Hurling

So I guess you can say we'd been lucky, extremely lucky. Our little girl had a stellar record of Never Ever Puking for the past 7.5 years; but that record was shattered (violently, I might add) this past Saturday.

I had organized a sweet meeting for her troop to come over and study All Things Peru. There was flounder ready to be made into Cebiche, cancha corn ready to be popped and Inca Kola ready to be enjoyed by the girls. DVDs to be watched, books to be referenced and Google at the ready. I even had genuine artifacts gotten from Peru for the girls to use in our booth.

Ten minutes before the meeting, I walked into the living room and the early bird scout told me that Emi had disappeared into the bathroom very quickly after they had sat down to eat some fruit. I checked on her and found a very upset little girl in the bathroom with tears streaming down her face...Vomit stench hung in the air and made it mostly into the toilet.

We canceled the meeting and watched our little girl carefully (after we shoved her into the shower, of course!). She rested for a few hours and woke up hungry. I made her some chicken soup and she ate that heartily, but she wanted some of my fruit and yogurt. I gave her some of that and a little ginger ale, then after a while some herbal tea. Within 2 hours she was power purging the contents of her stomach again and shivering. She never had a fever but it was obvious she had some nasty bug. We forced fluids and bundled her up and she was fine the next day....

We were a little hesitant to give her any solids until she was able to prove to us that she could keep half a banana down. She worked her way up to a Loaded Baked Potato (delivered by her MeeMaw and PeePaw) a little too quickly so we made her eat it in sessions....just to be sure.

So, we had a nice relaxing weekend at home, reading, catching up on random things and not doing anything that was scheduled. It worked out well, really, 2 of the 3 bathrooms were cleaned and sanitized twice in as many days, so that's a plus.

Since Saturday our nerves have been running a little high. For instance, Monday when she went to run errands with Daddy, they had to make an emergency stop at Taco Bell (I'm told it was a photo finish.). I later found out it was only to PEE! Then last night we were brave (and also weak) and decided to eat out at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We were just digging into our meals when Emi said her tummy was gurgling. We panicked and told her to stop eating and go to bathroom just in case.

It was a false alarm and at this point I think the kiddo is just jacking with us just to see how quickly we will lose it...

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