09 May 2009

Out of Order

We should have gone to the new IKEA FIRST, then had our full body massages and pedicures. Instead we spent the morning at Indulgence Day Spa and after a quick trip to the Asian market, we headed to IKEA. The spa was cool because my sister and mom had both never experienced a full body massage or pedicure. In the end we were glad for the IKEA experience (none of us had been to IKEA before) and our purchases, but were missing the bliss from the day spa.

The Tampa IKEA opened up on Thursday and it was like they opened up a new theme park down here. There were no less than 25 workers and police officers directing traffic for parking and inside was anything but pleasant with the people entering in droves! We were herded into the IKEA cafeteria and were thankful afterwards because we needed the energy to get through the 3 hours we were there. 2 floors of mazes of stuff that would make life so much easier for us. Luckily it was IKEA and not Neiman Marcus. Deanna and I ended up having to stuff our purchases from IKEA and the Asian market into another suitcase for the trip back.

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