02 December 2008


Last month we were in Austin for a conference and we discovered many great food and music finds. We were even treated to some wonderful music from within the "confines" of our hotel room. For those of you who have never experienced Michael Tolcher or Brett Dennen, you are in for a real treat! The Hilton spotlighted a few artists and these guys were 2 of the 3 that we kept going back to hear day after day. Tolcher's Voila does exactly what Michael promised and transports you to a happy place (pleasurable indeed). And Dennen's Blessed is a truly a blessing.

I could easily locate Brett's musical offerings anywhere on the internet and satellite radio and have been enriching my life with his gift for the past month. However, Michael's musical offerings, aside from the songs on his CD released in 2004, are harder to be found. Specifically Voila! I found another fan's offering of Voila as well as a notice that he is currently touring with Graham Colton, Bryan Greenberg, and Tim Brantley. I found out that they were coming to OKC and got tickets that same day to see them last Friday night for their thanksgiving show! {Note that now Michael Tolcher's website now has his current tour information posted.}

Had never heard of the other guys before but for $20 we knew we could sit through their performances to hear Tolcher. While we were very pleased with his performance - he was definitely a higher caliber musician than his 3 stagemates - we were disappointed that he brought no Tolch music and merchandise for us to purchase! And he didn't sing our song! I was so upset that I almost didn't snap up his last CD amazon.com!

He did play a couple of great songs and it was great to hear him acoustic....and I suppose we can wait for his new EP/LP/CD to come out...

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