13 September 2008

Game Day

Game day means something different for each member of our household. For Daddy, it's beer and college football, specifically OU football (go Sooners!). For Emi, it's "You promised me we'd play Monopoly today!" There was a compromise, Daddy played Candyland with Emi during commercial breaks....
For me, game day was all about trying to catch up with household chores, cooking fresh meals for my family and sneaking in a nap...possibly catching a few minutes of the OU game.

We also had another game today that was much more important that any televised game, Emi's 2nd soccer game of the new season. Her team was in shock last weekend with the new rules (they have goalies now) and the new larger sized fields. But this weekend the girls were really agressive and committed to the ball and scored, and scored and scored. I was so proud of every girl on the team and by the looks on their faces, they were happy with their performances as well... Go Eagles!

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