15 February 2008


Tonight we threw a surprise birthday party for Scott's mom. Some of the guests were running late so we had to divert Grandma Babe from coming to our house too soon. We asked her to stop at the store and get me some "girlie things" (no wings!) and then after that we had her get some ice (never wondering why we'd have to take a bag of ice to a catered affair!). 20+ guests were hiding in the Gathering Room when Emi brought Grandma Babe back to the room under the guise of playing a piano piece for her. Even after we yelled "Surprise!" she was still not sure that the surprise was for her. I think she really had a good time with family and friends.

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  1. Clueless might be one way to describe me. Surprised, defintely! I had such a great time. Nolita, you are an awsome hostess and a special daughter-in-law. I love you. Sherry/Grandma Babe


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