12 January 2008

Fairy Princess Tea Party

Last night we hosted a Fairy Princess Tea Party for Emi and 4 of her friends. 3 of the girls stayed the night. ALL NIGHT. Have I mentioned that they are Kindergartners? I think my first sleepover didn't happen until middle school...7th grade. Not sure what I was thinking (or IF I was thinking) when I suggested we have a tea party and then went on to suggest we turn it into a sleepover. [NOTE: In my 38th year I have finally learned that it is possible for me to take on too much and I have decided to try to keep that in check from now on....so I can make it to my 39th year, etc.] I had a whole slew of activities lined up to keep the evening moving along and we actually got to do a few of them.

The girls were so cute coming home from school together with Daddy and screaming over the Fairy Princess Tea Party (sing along songs) DVD that I had playing for them when they got inside. They watched that and sang a few songs, then disappeared to the playroom for a bit. We decided to dress up in princess outfits and that's when the first round of fights began. Not enough princess dresses to go around. I dug around in my closet and found a dress I only wore once, got out the scissors and made it a princess dress for Emi. The girls found tiaras and headed to the Gathering Room for tea and snacks.

More princess sing-a-long and dancing in the living room before decorating their pillow cases. This activity only ate up about 33 seconds of time.

We tried to play a hand of "Slap the Queen" (think Slap Jack) and that resulted in lots of complaining from the girlies because not everyone can win this game. We had to stop that game early and put on High School Musical 2, also the sing along version. I think the last girl went to sleep around 1am.

And the first girlie woke up right before the doggies woke me up. So, I got about 2 hours sleep, but not all in one chunk.... so when's the next sleepover?

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